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Accomack County Airport MFV Runway 3/21 Closes October 8, 2018 for Construction

Construction began at the Accomack County Airport on Monday October 8.   During the pre-construction meeting, the contractor proposed reducing the construction timeframe from 120-days to 60-days by eliminating the first 60-day phase of construction where 2,000-ft of runway would be available for take-offs and landings.   Several factors were considered, including the impact on aircraft operations and revenues as well as the overall project cost savings.  The Airport tenants and users were polled, with the majority supporting the shortened construction period.   Once the FAA and the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV) approved the shortened construction timeframe, County officials accepted the contractor’s proposal.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was issued Saturday announcing the runway and partial parallel taxiway closure that would go into effect Monday morning.   X’s with solar lighting were placed over the runway- end designation numbers signifying that the runway is closed.  Low profile barricades and traffic drums were placed at the taxi-stub and taxiway entrances, traffic drums with solar barricade lights were placed on either side of the localizer equipment, and the runway light fixtures were removed and covered.   By early Wednesday morning, milling operations began.  


Photo courtesy of G. Campbell


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