The Department of Building and Zoning was established for the purpose of providing construction regulation, land use control, and preservation of wetlands areas, for the protection of life, safety, and general welfare of its citizens. As an ever-evolving department, we will endeavor to provide efficient and responsive services to the public at all times. The Department of Building and Zoning is committed to: 1) progressive building, fire, and amusement device inspections; 2) sound management of public resources; and 3) the development and effective enforcement of adopted codes and ordinances to meet the needs and concerns of all its citizens.


The following are links to printable applications. These applications may be printed and returned to our office in person, by mail, or email along with payment (cash/check).

1. Commercial Addition

2. Commercial Demolition

3. Commercial Renovation

4. Mobile Homes: Single & Double

5. New Commercial Building Construction

6. New Residential Home & Modular Home

7. Residential & Commercial - Re-roof

8. Residential Addition

9. Residential - Carports

10. Residential & Commercial - Elevators

11. Residential Demolition

12. Residential Renovation

13. No Carriage Bolts Packet

14. Farm Structure Affidavit