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Do I need a permit to:

Build a shed, patio or garage?

Detached accessory structures which do not exceed 200 square feet in size do not need a permit. Any structure attached to your home needs a permit.
Fix a roof?

You can replace roof shingles on an area of 10 foot by 10 foot without a permit. Larger repairs require a permit.
Replace a window?

You can replace windows without a permit.
Please see Building Permits and Code Inspections for more information about permit requirements.


How much will my permit cost?

Click here to review the full Fee Schedule as of July 1, 2018

When does a building permit expire and how can I extend it?

Building permits are valid for six months after the issue date. You need to have started construction within six months for the permit to remain active.

If you have not started construction within six months, you can apply to the Department of Building, Planning and Zoning for a six months extension.


Building Code:

What building code does Accomack County use?

We have included a comprehensive listing of adopted technical model codes for construction in Accomack County in our section on Building Permits and Code Inspections.

When do I need to call for an inspection?

A minimum 24 hours notice is required for all inspection requests.

How do I schedule an inspection?

Contact the Building Office at  (757) 787-5721 or (757) 824-5223 or via email at building@co.accomack.va.us 

What flood zone is my property in?

You can find out this information in two ways: calling or visiting our office, or visiting the FEMA website and looking it up online. We have complete information on how to do either of these on our Flood Map Determination page.

How close can I build to the water?

Call the Department of Environmental Programs at (757) 787-5728 or (757) 824-5324 or environmental@co.accomack.va.us for more information.  

If your property is on the Bayside or Seaside, you need to leave a buffer of 100 feet from the edge of the water, or the inland edge of any adjacent wetlands. No structures are to be built within this buffer.

There are possible exceptions for construction on lots recorded prior to 1990 and for minor additions to homes built prior to 1990.

Do I need approval to subdivide my land?

Please review our section on the Subdivision of Land for this information.

What are the road requirements for a subdivision?

Please review our section on the Subdivision of Land for this information.

More Information:

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If after review, you still have questions, you are welcome to call us at (757) 787-5721, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM or email building@co.accomack.va.us . We do ask that you first explore the website to find the answer to your question.