Required Minimum Inspections

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General Requirements and Policies:

  • It shall be the responsibility of the permit holder or the permit holder's representative to notify the building department when the stages of construction requiring inspection are reached.
  • A minimum 24 hours notice is required for all inspection requests. Inspections will be performed within two working days.
  • Be ready for the inspection when it is requested.
  • Failure to cancel an inspection by 8:30am on the day the inspection is requested may result in re-inspection fees being assessed.
  • Failure to request any inspection will require the removal of any concealing materials to determine code compliance and will likely lead to sanctions against the contractor(s) responsible.
  • Inspections will not be conducted unless the building permit card is posted conspicuously on site.

Minimum Required Inspections: 

  • Footings:
    • Bottom of excavated footing trenches, after all reinforcement steel is set, and the bottom of all pier, post, or column footings before any concrete is placed. Also, any graded areas prepared for concrete prior to floor placement.
  • Foundation:
    • Foundation wall and piling systems after anchor bolts or approved anchoring straps are installed, and supporting piers have been capped with 4 inches of solid masonry or solidly grouted. Mechanically-driven pilings shall be inspected at the time of their driving. Basement dampproofing, waterproofing and drainage systems must be inspected and verified prior to backfilling.
  • Exterior Sheathing Fastening:
    • Structural exterior wall and roof sheathing fastening, prior to covering with any concealing materials.
  • Framing, Rough Plumbing, Rough Mechanical, Rough Electrical:
    • All structural framing and fasteners, prior to covering with concealing materials. All rough-in plumbing is to be completed and pressure-tested in the inspector's presence. All concealed mechanical installations shall be inspected prior to covering.
    • A rough-in wiring inspection must have been conducted and approved by the electrical inspector. This inspection is conducted through Middle Department Inspection Agency whose inspector can be reached weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at (757) 665-6260.
  • Energy Code Compliance:
    • Insulation of exterior walls, and any other energy conserving materials, prior to covering.
  • Final:
    • Upon completion of the building or structure, prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.