Starting Friday, March 20, 2020 County facilities are closed to the general public, with the exception of Landfill, Transfer Station and Convenience Centers. Additional information can be found here.

Fire Code Inspections

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The purpose of the Fire Inspections Code is to provide for statewide standards to safeguard life and property from the hazards of fire or explosions arising from:

The improper maintenance of life safety, fire prevention and protection:

  • materials
  • devices
  • systems
  • structures

The unsafe storage, handling, and/or use of:

  • substances
  • materials
  • devices, including explosives and blasting agents, wherever located.

Accomack County conducts routine fire inspections at commercial and institutional establishments.

Single family dwelling units and dwelling units in two family and multiple family dwellings and farm structures are exempt, except where hazardous condition arise from explosives and similar hazardous materials in such areas.