Accomack County Emergency Management is routinely a "behind the scenes" type of operation as opposed to the very public emergency response by police, fire, ambulance, and public utility services that we see on a daily basis in our county. However, during a large scale disaster Emergency Management personnel will be involved in emergency operations, but usually in a coordination role only. 

Before disasters occur, Emergency Management coordinates training, planning and exercises for all county entities having a role in disaster response. We also promote and provide public education to residents and visitors on ways to be better prepared to survive all types of disaster.

During disasters, Emergency Management coordinates requests from response agencies for resources such as personnel, equipment, technical assistance and, when appropriate, request federal assistance.
After a disaster is stabilized, Emergency Management coordinates local, state, and federal programs to assist recovery efforts for the county and its citizens.

Accomack County is likely to experience a moderate to major disaster in the future. While it is difficult to predict when disasters will happen, the consequences of disasters are predictable. Emergency preparedness must be a “group effort” that includes all segments of Accomack County in order for everyone to be ready when disaster strikes. To be a part of this “group effort”, please use the following information to assist you in your preparedness efforts.