Frequently Asked Questions

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In the event of a disaster and I have to evacuate my home, where do I go?
Accomack County has 6 emergency shelter locations. These shelters will open on an as needed basis. Shelter opening locations and times will be announced on local radio stations and on this website’s ( News & Announcements scrollbar located at the top of the pages. Go to the Emergency Shelters portion of this website for more information.

Are pets allowed in Accomack’s emergency shelters?
Service animals are allowed in our emergency shelters. Pets are not allowed. Go to the Pets & Disasters portion of the Family Disaster Kits page on this website for more information on how to prepare your pets for disasters..

How can I prepare my family for a disaster?
Preparing for a disaster ahead of time may seem overwhelming. If needed, make your preparedness plans and gather food & materials needed gradually. Go to the Family Disaster Kits page of this website for tips and lists to help you get started. And visit other pages on this website to round out your plans.

What items should I keep in my emergency kit?
There should be enough supplies in your disaster kit to make each member of your family self-sufficient for at least three days. This should include water, food, a first-aid kit, flashlights, batteries, medicines, and a battery-powered radio or television. Go to the Family Disaster Kits page of this website for a complete list.

What does it mean to “Shelter-In-Place?”
If the authorities advise you to Shelter-In-Place, you are to remain in your home or office (wherever you are at the time of the emergency) and protect yourself there. If there is a threat of contaminated outside air, seal doors, windows and vents and turn off all fans and heating and air-conditioning units. Go to an interior room. Listen or watch local radio and television stations to stay updated on the latest information.

How can I help my community during a disaster?
Accomack County’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) programs are based on the American tradition of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors Prepare for Emergencies.” CERT and MRC training prepares citizens and communities to take more active roles in the county’s emergency-preparedness efforts. Go to the CERT & MRC Preparation Training page of this website for more information.

Where do local facilities send copies of their annual Tier II reports?
Facilities covered by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act requirements must submit an Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form (Tier II) to the Local Emergency Planning Committee annually. Facilities located in Accomack County submit Tier II reports to P.O. Box 102, Tasley, VA 23441.