Starting Friday, March 20, 2020 County facilities are closed to the general public, with the exception of Landfill, Transfer Station and Convenience Centers. Additional information can be found here.

Commodity Distribution or PODS

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commodity distribution center

Commodity Distribution sites, or PODS (Point of Distribution Sites) may open in Accomack approximately 4 days after a major disaster such as a hurricane strikes. Everyone should have at least a 3 – 5 day emergency supply of water, food and other necessities on hand as part of their emergency plan. But if significant portions of the county still remain without power after 4 days, and businesses are not open to provide food, water and other basic necessities, the county will request FEMA commodities through the Virginia Emergency Operations Center (VEOC) to be distributed to residents via PODS opened throughout the county.  Throughout this recovery period, it will be important to monitor local radio, television, and other media sources for information about when and where these POD sites will open.

Local Media Information - 2018 

These sites are planned so that residents can drive through and pick up necessary supplies without having to leave their vehicles. This allows for faster and safer distribution of supplies.

Up to date emergency information that residents need to know will also be provided at POD sites.

Other agencies ready to help residents cope with emergencies may also be at these POD sites. There will be a place for residents to park their vehicles and go to these agency tents.

  • The Eastern Shore Health Department will have tents set up for inoculations and health information.
  • Eastern Shore Rural Health will have tents set up for basic first aid and treatment of minor illnesses.
  • Other area agencies may set up at POD sites to provide crisis counseling, messaging relays, amateur radio communications, etc.

Attempts will be made to have on site a phone provider with remote communications capabilities for residents without phone service to use.