National Weather Service - Storm Ready

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Many laws and regulations exist to help local emergency managers deal with hazardous material spills, search and rescue operations, medical crises, etc., but there are few guidelines dealing with the specifics of hazardous weather response. The NWS recognized this need and designed StormReady to help communities of all kinds – towns, cities, counties, tribal nations, universities, and industrial complexes – implement procedures to reduce the potential for disastrous weather-related consequences.

To be recognized as StormReady, communities must meet guidelines established by the NWS in partnership with federal, state, and local emergency management professionals.

The StormReady program encourages communities to take a proactive approach to improving local hazardous weather operations. The program is a “win” situation for everyone involved: community leaders, the NWS, emergency managers and the general public. Here are just a few of the benefits Accomack County can realize since becoming StormReady in 2009:

Improved timeliness and effectiveness of hazardous weather warnings for the public:

  • Provides detailed and clear recommendations which help local emergency managers establish and improve effective hazardous weather operations. It can also help justify costs and purchases needed to support hazardous mitigation and emergency response plans;
  • Rewards local hazardous weather mitigation programs that have achieved a desired performance level;
  • Provides a means to possibly acquire additional Community Rating System points assigned by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP);
  • Provides an image incentive to our community by being recognized as StormReady; and
  • StormReady can help ensure our community is prepared for other civil emergencies. will give you more StormReady information.