Septic Tank Pump-out Program

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In accordance with Accomack County Code Section 106-384.b.5. , all on-site sewage disposal systems not requiring a VPDES permit shall be pumped out a least once every five years.

Alternatively, certified documentation may be provided to the County every five years from a sewage handler permitted by the Virginia Department of Health, that the septic system has been inspected, is functioning properly, and the tank does not need to have the effluent pumped out of it.

In lieu of pumping out the septic tank or providing documentation of properly functioning system, a plastic filter may be installed and maintained in the outflow pipe from the septic tank. This will filter out solid material from the effluent while sustaining adequate flow to the drain field to permit normal use of the septic system. Certification of this installation shall be provided to the County upon completion.

A list of frequently asked questions is being prepared and will be posted here soon.

The Virginia legislature is preparing for a transition of the program to the Virginia Department of Health, and information will be provided here as soon as it becomes available.

The Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission often offers programs that can provide financial assistance in pumping out onsite sewage systems, please call 757-787-2936 for more information or visit their website at: