We are committed to meeting the financial and administrative support needs of Accomack County departments, offices and elected officials by providing them with high quality, timely, accurate and meaningful information and services delivered in an honest, clear and transparent manner.


The Finance Department is responsible for establishing and maintaining sound fiscal policies for the County.

We manage the development and execution of the County’s Annual Fiscal Plan, prepare the County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and perform various types of financial analyses for the County Administrator.

In addition, we are responsible for:

  • Development of the County's five year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which outlines the County's tentative plans for construction of County facilities and the purchase of major capital equipment.
  • Processing of the County’s semi-monthly payroll for all County staff and administration of employee benefits.
  • Processing of all County invoices for payment.
  • Management of existing debt and issuance planning.
  • Oversight of grant financial compliance.


Goal Description

1. Provide Quarterly Financial Reports to the County Administrator/Board of Supervisors. Ongoing
2. Prepare revenue estimates that fall with a +3% variance of actual revenues. Achieved for last fiscal year measured (2016)
3. Receive the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The County's Annual Fiscal Plan achieved this award for the last year prepared (2018).  
4. Receive the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). The County's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report achieved this award for the last year prepared (2016). 
5. Work with other County Departments and federal officials to recover funds from FEMA for damage sustained by Hurricane Sandy. Complete.
6. Implement employee time and attendance reporting application and develop interface between it and the County's existing payroll processing application. Completed December 2016.
7. Develop a grant management policy. Draft Complete
8. Establish and publicize a means for employees and the public to anonymously report suspected fraud or abuse within the organization. Completed August 2015.
9. Initiate an cross training program for payroll processing and tax reporting staff. In Process
10. Centralize miscellaneous billing functions under the purview of Finance.  Completed July 2015.