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Keys to Excellence—Outstanding Employees

The County of Accomack recognizes its exceptional employees that carry out job responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty. The following employees/departments are congratulated for achievements in various sectors ranging from certification, promotions, to exceptional performance.

Awards & Achievements

The Finance Department

On December 1, 2017 the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) awarded Accomack County’s Finance department the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its budget. This award is given to governing bodies and staff that reflect their commitment by meeting the highest principle in budgeting and obtaining proficient ratings in four categories and fourteen mandatory criteria.  Read press release here.

John Lauer

Lauer_Groundwater_Award (002)

On February 21, 2018, Mr. John Lauer was presented with the annual Ground Water Award by Accomack Supervisor and Ground Water Committee Chairman-Paul Muhly. The Eastern Shore of Virginia Ground Water Committee established the Ground Water Award Program in 2004 to publicize local projects, individuals, and entities working towards water conservation, recharging area protection/preservation, aquifer preservation, recycling/reuse of water, pollution prevention and public education/community outreach.  Mr. Lauer serves as the Regulatory Compliance Specialist for the Accomack County Department of Public Works. His duties include managing and operating the County’s Leachate Treatment System.

Charles Pruitt

Director of Public Safety-Mr. Charles Pruitt has been awarded the 2017 Governor’s Fire Service Award for Excellence in Fire Service Training. Mr. Pruitt has been the County’s Public Safety Director since 2014, but has been involved with the Eastern Shore Regional Fire Academy since 1999. He is a pillar of the community promoting safety through his proficiency, knowledge, and dedication in training firefighters for Accomack County.

Watch Mr. Pruitt receive his award:

We value your enthusiasm and professional growth. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

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