Q.  What is the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal?

A.  The ESS Portal is designed for employees to gain access to payroll information.

Q.  Do I need to sign-up to access the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal?

A.  Yes, county employees will need to request access before being able to obtain information and documents from the portal .  Your request is processed through our Finance Department.  To place your request, click here.

Q.  What information can I obtain from the ESS?

A.  Employees can view and print their pay stubs, view direct deposit information, view employee deductions, access payroll related documents and contact payroll.

Q. Can I print my W-2's from the ESS?

A.  No,  W-2's are not available to print or access from the ESS.

Q.  What information does the employee overview provide?

A.  The employee overview provides the most up-to-date information on file with our Finance Department.  This information includes employee details such as address, phone number, work email address, etc.  The employment details include an employee's date of hire, employment type and other employment details.

Q.  What is the direct deposit overview?

A.  The direct deposit overview shows the summary of financial institutions you have requested your funds to go.  This overview does not give full details on account information.  Should you find that you need to update information or allocations, please be sure to complete the direct deposit authorization form and return it to HR for processing.

 Q.  What exactly does the deductions tab show?

A.  The deductions tab shows additional deductions an employee has taken out of their paychecks per pay period.

Q.  How far back can I see my check history?

A.  When an employee chooses the check history tab it automatically shows you the pay stubs for the current year.  Employees can change the date range at the top of the list to review previous pay stubs.

Q.  What documents can be found in the document library?

A.  Employees can find the following documents in the document library.

  • Accounts Payable Calendar
  • Travel Reimbursement Form
  • Timesheet
  • W-4
  • Retirement Information
  • Health Insurance Information


Contact your Human Resources Department at (757) 787-5705 or AskHR@co.accomack.va.us.