Q.  What is on-boarding?

A.  On-boarding is a process in which all new employees participate.  This process includes reviewing, completing and signing paperwork for the Payroll and Human Resources departments.  Information for employee benefits and incentives are provided to new employees.  On-boarding also provides an opportunity to ask questions regarding the County, the new position and other aspects of employment.

Q.  How do I know when and where the on-boarding will take place?

 A.   Upon being offered and accepting employment, a new employee should have received an offer letter.  Within the offer letter is an employment start date.  Typically, this is the date a new employee will meet with HR at the County Administrator's Office begining at 8:30 a.m.

Q.  Is the on-boarding process optional?

A.  No.  All new full-time and part-time employees must meet with HR to review paperwork and review the benefits that are available to them.

Q.  How long is the on-boarding process?

A.  Normally on-boarding can take anywhere from one to two hours depending on whether the new employee is part-time or full-time.

Q.  Do I need to make my supervisor aware that I will begin with HR?

A.  No.  All supervisors are aware of the on-boarding process.  Once on-boarding is completed, HR will contact the supervisor to let him or her know their new employee is on their way.  Depending on a new employee's work site, HR usually escorts them to their new work "home."

Q.  What kind of information will be reviewed?

A.  During on-boarding HR will provide a new employee with the required forms, booklets and informational documents.  All new employees will receive a copy of the personnel manual,  forms for payroll and HR, and incentives/discounts that are available to them.  New full-time employees will receive insurance information, retirement information and benefits that are available through payroll deductions.

Q.  Will I need to bring in any documents with me?

A.  Yes.  New employees will need to bring the following documents on their first day.

  • Voided check or letter of Direct Deposit from their financial institution. 
  • Social Security Card to be used for confirmation with payroll.
  • Documents for the I-9 Form.  Click here to review the acceptable documents.

Q.  What happens if I forget to bring in the documents with me?

A.  We normally give new employees three (3) days to return all required paperwork and required documents.  

Q.  What if I do not have the required documents and I have to order them?

A.  Employees will need to provide HR with proof that the document has been ordered.  Especially if the documents are being used to fulfill the I-9 requirements.

Q.  Do I have to make my insurance elections during open enrollment?

A.  No.  During on-boarding we will review the benefits that are available and answer any questions that an employee may have at that point.  New employees are able to take the provided information home to review and make decisions.  Again, employees are given three (3) days to return the required paperwork to HR.

Q.  Can I complete the paperwork prior to on-boarding?

A.  Yes.  However, new employees will need to ensure they bring the originals with them. Completing the paperwork and required documents prior to on-boarding does not stop the process.  An employee must attend the on-boarding process.  It will reduce the time spent in the process.

Q.  Are there certain instructions that are needed for the paperwork?

A.  There are some areas of forms that must be completed by the employer and some forms that can only be completed in person.  Listed below are the forms and documents that will be provided during the on-boarding process along with a short summary of instructions.

  • Welcome letter and policy manual acknowledgement - This form welcomes employees to the workforce and the employee will sign during on-boarding, acknowledging they have received the policy manual.
  • Job Description - An employee will need to review and sign their job description during on-boarding.
  • Code Red  - Employees provide their contact information should a notification need to be sent out regarding closures or other information the County deems necessary.
  • Emergency Contact - Employees will list who should be contacted on their behalf should an emergency arise.
  • I-9 Form - The I-9 is to verify an employee's citizenship and eligibility to work in the United States of America.  Employees ONLY complete page 1 of this form.  Under section 1 any boxes that would be left blank should be filled with N/A.  

Employees will need to provide documentation to accompany this form.  Click here to review the options of acceptable documents.

  • W-4 - This for is for the Federal withholding from an employee's paycheck.  The form has been updated as of January 1, 2020.  Please be sure to read the instructions use the worksheets provided as a guide for completion.
  • VA-4  - This form is for State withholding for an employee's paycheck.  The worksheet section is optional and for the employee's purposes only.  The bottom section of the form is what is required to be completed.

If an employee lives outside of Virginia, the employee may opt out of having Virginia taxes withheld.  Be mindful the employee that opts out will be responsible for paying taxes to the state in which they live.

  • Direct Deposit Authorization  - Direct deposit is a condition of employment.  Employees have the option to list up to three accounts for their paychecks to be deposited.  Employees must provide a voided check or a letter of direct deposit from their financial institution.
  • Payroll Related Disclosures  - This is confirmation of the understanding that direct deposit is considered a condition of employment, whether an employee owes personal property taxes, owes child support and that the insurance benefits are treated as a pre-tax deduction.
  • EEO Form - The only section of this form that is required is the employee's name, date and position.  All other information is optional.

Q. What benefit information and documents will I receive during on-boarding?

A.  Full-time employees will receive information on the available benefits and be given the option to enroll or waive coverage. 

Anthem provides coverage for medical, vision and dental.  Should you decide to waive the insurance coverage you will need to complete and return the waiver form.

For more information and resources on Anthem benefits, click here.

Full-time employees are enrolled in a retirement plan through Virginia Retirement System (VRS).  New employees that have never been enrolled in a VRS plan prior to County employment will be enrolled as follows:

  • Employees hired in positions that are considered Hazardous Duty will be enrolled in Plan 2 with Enhanced Benefits.  These positions include EMT's, Firefighters, Paramedics and Sheriff Deputies.
  • Employees who are in non-hazardous duty position are enrolled in the Hybrid Plan.

For further information and resources on the retirement benefits offered to County employees, click here.

Q.  Are there any other benefits available to employees?

A.  Yes.  Full-time employees have access to other benefits that are available through payroll deduction.  These benefits are not funded by the employer.  Benefits available through payroll deduction include AFLAC, Legal Shield, Lincoln Financial Group and Optional Life Insurance, 

For more information on benefits available through payroll deduction click here.

Full-time employees also have the option to enroll in the Sick Leave Bank.  If an employee chooses to enroll they will donate 8 hours of their sick leave to the sick leave bank.  Should an employee become ill or need to take care of an immediate family member they can request to use the sick leave bank once they have exhausted their accrued leave.

Q.  Will I receive some type of identification to show I am a County employee?

A.  Yes.  All County employees are required to have a badge on them at all times during working hours.  During on-boarding a photograph will be taken and an ID badge will be generated.  Once the badge is completed, the employee will be notified and arrangements to obtain the badge will be made with the Human Resources department.


Contact your Human Resources Department at (757) 787-5705 or AskHR@co.accomack.va.us.