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On-the-job Injuries

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Have you been injured on the job?  Are you wondering what you need to do to report your injury?  You are on the right page!  Below are frequently asked questions along with answers.  

Q.  If I am hurt on the job should I notify anyone of the incident?

A.  Yes.  You must notify your supervisor of the injury and/or accident.  Then Company Nurse must be contacted.

 Q.  What is Company Nurse?

A.  Company Nurse is the company in which all Accomack County employees use to call in any injuries or accidents that have been sustained while on the job site during their scheduled working hours.  

Q.  Where can I find the contact information for Company Nurse?

A.  There are a few options to obtaining the contact information.

  • During the on-boarding process, new employees are given the Company Nurse flyer.
  • The same flyer that is provided during the on-boarding process is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Human Resources has wallet size cards with the Company Nurse information.  If you would like to obtain one of the wallet cards, please contact the Human Resources Department.

Q.  Do I have to call in any injury, whether it is minor or major?

 A.  Yes.  Any on-the job injury, no matter how minor, should be called into Company Nurse so that the documentation process can be started.

Q.  Is it my responsibility to call Company Nurse?

A.  Ultimately yes.  However, if you are injured or hurt and unable to call, it is then your supervisor's responsibility to call the injury hotline.

Q.  What is the reason for calling company nurse to report an injury?

A.  Upon the employee or supervisor calling to report the injury or accident, Company Nurse will begin to gather information over the phone and assists the injured worker with accessing appropriate medical treatment.  From the information provided, Company Nurse will generate a report that will be sent to the County of Accomack Human Resources Department and to the facility in which the employee is being seen.

Q.  What if the person calling in the injury is not me and does not have all the necessary information?

A.  As soon as you are able, you will need to contact company nurse to ensure they have the information that they need on file.  It is always better for the employee to call and speak with one of the Company Nurse staff members, but should a family member need to call after the initial report has been made to provide the necessary information, that is fine.

Q.  If I am injured or hurt, do I need to do anything with for Workman's Compensation?

A.  Once the report is received by the HR Department from Company Nurse, a HR Representative will forward that information onto our workman's compensation carrier.  The employee and the employer will receive updates via letters regarding the status of a workman's compensation claim.  Once the necessary information is gathered a determination will be made whether the claim will be deemed workman's compensation or not.

Q.  What type of information is gathered when I call Company Nurse?

A.  Some of the information you will need to provide to Company Nurse when you call is, but limited to, your personal information like name, address, date of birth and contact phone number.  You will also need to provide the incident date and time, location of the incident and explain what happened.

Company Nurse

Contact your Human Resources Department at (757) 787-5705 or