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We all have questions from time to time.  The County of Accomack wants to make finding the answers a little easier by providing you the resources needed to answer your questions, if available.  Below, you will find a list of categories that will lead you to specific questions, answers and resources that are beneficial. 


We understand the recruitment process may vary between different companies and organizations.  We want you to be aware of our process and what to expect from the County of Accomack .  The Recruitment Process page will answer questions and explain the process by answering questions.  Should you have other questions, please feel free to contact the Human Resources Department at (757) 787-5705 or at AskHr@co.accomack.va.us.


Starting employment with a new company can be overwhelming and we understand that.  Our on-boarding process is a way to welcome each new employee to our workforce.  We strive to ensure you have the information and resources needed to be successful.  To learn more about our on-boarding process and what is involved, please click here.


The County of Accomack offers an array of benefits to our employees.  The County contributes to full-time employee’s health, vision and dental insurance; life insurance; and retirement. 

You can find out more information on the benefits available through payroll deduction by clicking here.  The information will include resources, links and contact information. 

  • Lincoln Financial
  • Securian Life
  • Legal Shield/ID Shield

Planning for Separation from the County

Employee Information Changes

There are various reasons information can change.  From a name change due to getting married, changing your address because you have moved, beneficiaries needing to be updated or needing a new badge because of a promotion.  No matter the reason, we have made it a bit easier to find the documents you need to complete when a change or update is being made.

Click on employee information changes to find further instructions and forms to be completed for individual topics regarding changes.

On-the-job Injuries

Injuries and accidents can happen while you are at work.  The County of Accomack encourages safety and promotes a safe working environment.  If you find a concern in your work area, we ask that you report it to your supervisor for further review and repair.  

However, should you get hurt while on the job during working hours there is a procedure that needs to be followed.  Click here to review further information on calling in injuries.


All County employees are required to wear or at least have their badge on them at all times during working hour.  There are various reasons employees are issued a badge.  Click here to find out more information on badges for Accomack County employees.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal

The Finance Department maintains a secure employee self-service portal whereby employees can retrieve and review their payroll and benefit information.   The portal can only be accessed by employees who have previously applied for and have been granted access. 

For further information regarding the ESS Portal click here.