Recruitment Process

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Q.  How often are new jobs posted?

A.  New jobs are posted on an As Need Basis and are according to the jobs needs of the County.  Click here to be taken to our available job opportunities. 

Q.  Can I apply for or send my resume for a position that I want but that is not listed under job opportunities?

A.  No.  Applications and resumes are only accepted for open positions.

Q.  Is there a deadline to applying for a position?

A.  Application timelines vary depending on the job opportunity.  Interested applicants can apply for most job opportunities for a minimum of ten (10) working days before their priority deadline.  Consideration will be given to all applications submitted prior to the deadline.  All positions are opened until filled.  However, once the interview process starts and/or once top candidates are selected the  job posting will no longer be available on our employment web page.  This will indicate that applications will no longer be accepted.  

Q.  What is your hiring process?

A.  If you apply before the deadline, your application will be:

  • Reviewed for completion.
  • Given to the Hiring Manager for review.
  • Reviewed to ensure the required minimum qualifications are met.
  • If selected, you will receive an interview with a panel consisting of at least one representative from Human Resources and the Hiring Manager.
  • If you are one of or the top candidate, you may be asked to attend a second interview. 
  • Once a candidate is selected for hiring, they will be notified and formally offered the position.
  • All candidates undergo a pre-employment background check and drug screening.  Some positions require a pre-employment physical and driver's record check.

Q.  I do not feel comfortable with or have access to a computer, can I still apply?

A.  Yes, you can still apply.  Although online applications are preferred, paper applications are accepted.  To obtain a paper application, you can click here or visit the Human Resources Department at:

23296 Courthouse Avenue, Suite 203, Accomac, VA  23301

The following locations offer public access to computers:

All Eastern Shore Libraries offer free library cards to residents of Accomack & Northampton Counties, which include free computer access.  Please visit their website to find the nearest location to you, along with the hours of operation.

The Eastern Shore Community College Learning Resource Center allow individuals to sign-up and use a computer for 30 minutes each day.  Please visit their website to obtain further information.

 All paper applications must be submitted to the Human Resources Department for processing.

Q.  I have a disability and want to apply for a job, can I receive an accommodation?

A.  Accomack County is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.  We encourage disable individuals to apply.  You may submit an accommodation request, should need one.  Please contact the Human Resources Department at or call (757) 787-5705 for further assistance.

Q.  I am completing the online application and can only submit one attachment.  Is there a way to submit more than one attachment?

A.  You may only attach one document.  If you have multiple documents that you want to submit, you will need to merge them all into one document.  If you have difficulty merging your documents, you may send them to the Human Resources Department via email at

Q.  I am curious what the pay range is for the position that I am applying for.  Is there a way to find out?

A.  Yes, you may obtain the current pay grade information by clicking here.

 Q. I applied weeks ago and have not heard back for an interview.  Why?

A.  Due to the volume of qualified applicants that apply, we are unable to select every applicant for an interview.  However, all applicants will be notified of their hiring status.  Notification of your hiring status is made via email and/or in writing.  

Q.  Do I have to be a resident of Accomack County to apply for an open position?

A.  No, you do not have to be a resident of Accomack County to apply for an open position.  We encourage anyone interested in and qualified for a position to apply.


Contact your Human Resources representative  at (757) 787-5705 or