Recent Accomplishments

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FY 2019

  • Performed all required repairs at the Craddockville tower site to bring the tower capacity to an acceptable level.
  • Implemented new software for the Sheriff's Office which include the following sub systems: Jail Management, Computer Aided Dispatch, Evidence Management, Mobile, Civil Process and Records Management.
  • Replaced Sheriff's Office in-vehicle mobile data terminals and docking equipment.

FY 2018

  • Implemented electronic fax services for the Public Works and Parks & Recreation departments.
  • Migrated to a new Disaster Recovery Services vendor to improve recovery capabilities and decrease time to recovery.
  • Upgraded the endpoint protection software.
  • Performed tower inspections at all tower sites to identify issues that need to be addressed.
  • Installed redundant equipment with automatic failover that reduces the downtime of translator television.
  • Reconfigured the Sheriff's Office network racks to create additional space and allow for proper installation of networking equipment. 
  • Replaced end of life switching hardware. 
  • Implemented a new remote access solution that ensures we meet compliance requirements, simplify administration, and provide an easy to use interface for vendors.
  • Achieved an average first contact resolution (FCR) rate of 91% for the IT Service Desk.
  • Achieved 100% uptime on County owned IT infrastructure.  This includes systems that IT has direct control over. This does not include scheduled downtime.
  • Redesigned the County website ( The website offers improved navigation and mobile responsiveness. Nearly 40% of the County's website visitors access the site with mobile devices. The website automatically adapts to each device and displays the content in a manner that best fits the screen size of the visitor.
  • Assisted the Building & Zoning department with defining requirements and selecting a replacement permitting application.
  • Expanded the County VoIP telephone system to the Public Works office and Airport to reduce costs and increase service levels.
  • Readied new Public Works office for connectivity.
  • Installed fiber based connectivity at the Fire Training Center to replace antiquated DSL service.
  • Installed fiber based connectivity at the Animal Control facility to replace antiquated DSL service.
  • Worked with the Assessor's office to create a test system that is used in place of production for testing purposes.

FY 2017

  • Replaced the Sheriff's Office phone system.
  • Replaced the Sheriff's Office phone and radio recording system.
  • Replaced Mobile Device Management (MDM) software that was slated as end of life suddenly by the vendor.
  • Migrated to the latest version of Microsoft Exchange.
  • Worked with all departments to setup, configure, and support the time and attendance system.
  • Added home drive storage space for all users.
  • Assisted Public Works with the installation and configuration of a new access control system in the Administration building and upgrades to the systems in the courthouses.
  • Configured a new computer imaging solution that that provides the ability to deploy a standardized configuration to new computers and computers that need to be repaired. This imaging software will save approximately 4 or more hours per computer that needs to be setup, configured and deployed.
  • Readied new Public Safety office for connectivity. 
  • Worked with the Sheriff's Office to install and configure a new commissary system with a kiosk that was placed in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. The kiosk provides the ability for the public to deposit money for inmates to utilize for commissary.
  • Refreshed IT infrastructure (servers, switches, & storage) with a hyper-converged solution that is utilized to store County data and host applications.
  • Worked with Public Works to install new gas delivery system that included tracking software and key fobs for each employee.
  • Provided new iPads to the Commonwealth's Attorney office.
  • Setup an additional Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) computer for the Commonwealth's Attorney.
  • Expanded the County VoIP telephone system to the Public Safety office to reduce costs and increase service levels.
  • Implemented an email encryption solution utilizing an existing system.
  • Achieved an average first contact resolution (FCR) rate of 88% for the IT Service Desk.
  • Achieved an uptime of 99.879% for County owned IT infrastructure. 

FY 2016

  • Implemented multi-factor authentication for remote access.
  • Implemented log and event management software that collects, reports, and correlates security related events.
  • Brought the Commonwealth's Attorney office under the County's IT service umbrella. This office did not have any IT support prior to this effort.
  • Implemented a spare computer plan to enable faster recovery from a computer failure, which results in higher end user productivity.
  • Implemented internal and external vulnerability scanning software.
  • Configured the main firewalls for high availability, which provides instant recovery if one firewall were to fail.
  • Created a social media policy to enable departments to utilize various forms of social media to increase transparency and share information on the County website.
  • Assisted Public Safety with the procurement of wireless mobile gateways that provide enhanced Internet connectivity inside the vehicle and eliminate the issues being experienced with previous solution.
  • Procured and installed computing equipment scheduled for replacement in FY16.
  • Worked with the Public Works department to procure and install surveillance systems at the Circuit Court building, the Sheriff's Office, and the Airport.
  • Implemented Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to provide greater control over County mobile devices and replace the prior system.
  • Achieved an average first contact resolution (FCR) rate of 84% for the IT Service Desk.
  • Achieved an uptime of 99.991% or 46 minutes of unscheduled downtime for County owned IT infrastructure. 

FY 2015

  • Installed point-to-point wireless networking equipment at multiple sites to reduce the cost of Internet service at the sites.  
  • Replaced remaining Windows 2003 Servers before the July 14, 2015 end of support deadline.
  • Upgraded the existing backup server and software. This included increasing the security of data at rest and adding additional redundancy of backup data.
  • Procured and installed computing equipment scheduled for replacement in FY15.
  • Procured and configured fiber point-to-point service for various County offices to replace DSL service.
  • Readied new Parks & Recreation and Public Safety offices for connectivity.
  • Expanded the County VoIP telephone system to the Parks and Recreation office to reduce costs and increase service levels.
  • Setup and configured 38 electronic poll book laptops for use by the Voter Registration office. 
  • Upgraded and replaced the existing end of life email archiving appliance.
  • Developed, deployed, and enforced a comprehensive set of organization-wide information security policies.
  • Implemented various information security projects and improvements. 
  • Replaced end of life firewalls with current models at various remote offices.
  • Reconfigured remote access software in a more secure manner.
  • Reduced the number of highly privileged accounts across all systems to increase overall security.
  • Implemented a secure file transfer solution that provides a secure method of sending and receiving files outside of the County network.

 FY 2014 

  • Replaced all Windows XP workstations before the April 14, 2014 deadline when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This included replacing the Sheriff's Office Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) with less costly semi-rugged laptops that are approximately half the cost of the existing MDTs.
  • Devised and implemented an end user information security awareness training program. 
  • Implemented a VoIP telephone system to replace the County's aging system and reduced monthly service costs. 
  • Implemented credit card processing at both the North Landfill and the South Transfer Station. 
  • Implemented monthly IT newsletter that is distributed to employees in order to improve general IT awareness. The newsletter includes tips and tricks, information security awareness topics, IT project information, etc.
  • Converted 2013 recorded audio to a format that is supported across all devices, including mobile devices. All future meetings will be in this format and available on the County's website.
  • Implemented network monitoring software that monitors the health of the network and allows IT to proactively respond to issues.
  • Migrated physical servers to virtual machines in order to increase availability and reliability, improve performance, simplify recovery, and reduce overall cost. The County's IT infrastructure is now fully virtualized.
  • Migrated the Sheriff's Office to a new Mobile application that improved performance and support. 
  • Brought the Sheriff's Office under the County's IT services umbrella. The Sheriff's Office is now fully supported by the County IT Department.
  • Replaced end of life switching infrastructure in the Registrar and Planning buildings to improve network performance and prepare for the VoIP project.
  • Migrated to new endpoint security software, which results in more comprehensive protection against threats and reduced overall software maintenance costs.

FY 2013

  • Completely redesigned the County's official web site to improve access to information and promote transparency.
  • Migrated Public Safety email accounts to the County email system.
  • Migrated the County financial application to SaaS thus eliminating the need for an in house IBM server and at the same time improving disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Implemented an Internet tax payment web site where taxpayers can view and pay property taxes and submit account address changes.
  • Replaced end of life switching infrastructure in the Sheriff's Office and County Administration buildings to improve network performance and prepare for the VoIP project.
  • Replaced end of life server hardware and migrated several physical servers to the virtual infrastructure.
  • Deployed high speed fiber Internet connectivity to the Public Safety/Public Works building to improve service and increase productivity.
  • Replaced 63 aging computers.
  • Expanded use of group policy objects to increase overall network security and enforce information security policies.
  • Expanded IT support services to cover the Sheriff's Office without increasing the department's FTE count.
  • Created and implemented a security policy for Department of Public Safety tablets to maximize device security and to identify roles/responsibilities.
  • Replaced the main County firewall.
  • Installed new equipment racks and organized cabling in the County server room.
  • Installed IT equipment rack to house all IT equipment in the Sheriff's Office.

FY 2012

  • Installed new network cabling in the Sheriff's Office to improve connectivity.
  • Implemented a comprehensive backup, replication and recovery solution that includes off-site storage of the County's data.
  • Improved end user support by implementing a multi-tiered IT Service Desk. The Service Desk provides end users with a single point of contact where they can report IT problems and request assistance. All service request tickets are logged, monitored, and reviewed.