The Accomack County Parks and Recreation department believes that each citizen of Accomack County has a right to a quality leisure environment that is safe, accessible, affordable, and environmentally pleasing.

We believe that every citizen has the right to be treated in a dignified manner with full respect toward their heritage, age sex, religion, condition of life and ability.

We further believe that every citizen should have the opportunity to pursue wholesome recreation and leisure in the manner that satisfies him/her.


The department maintains three parks, plus a golf driving range: Arcadia Park (25 acres), Wachapreague Park (15 acres) and Nandua Middle Park. The driving range is located on Pungoteague Elementary School and has approximately 35 acres. These grounds are maintained weekly by our staff. Wachapreague, Arcadia and Nandua Middle parks are used extensively for picnics, reunions, family gatherings and excursions.

The Accomack County Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of activities and programs for all ages throughout the year.


Expand our parks and recreation services to areas of the community that are under emphasized at the present, such as the elderly, handicapped or mentally challenged population in Accomack County.

We are in the process of developing a new Parks and Recreation facility that will consist of a softball, football and soccer fields and a field house for activities we cannot accommodate at present, such as softball/baseball batting cages, indoor soccer and basketball. We will also have a new concession stand with amenities, playground equipment and picnic area.

Our goals are to promote our programs and activities to the state and national level. We want our programs and activities to become a mainstream for children and adults to enjoy. We want to bring state and national figures and personalities to the county for our children to meet in person instead of just on television and on the internet.