Officers of Election

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‚ÄčInterested in becoming an Election Official?

An Election Official is appointed by the Electoral Board of the county for a term of one year.

An Officer of Election must be registered to vote and is….
  • Required to work from 5:00am to at least 8:00pm or whenever the work at the polls is finished;
  • Legally responsible for the conduct of the election, including checking names and ID’s, operating voting machines and recording results, etc.;
  • Required to attend a training class prior to the election;
  • Required to subscribe to the Constitutional Oath prior to Election Day;
  • Required to subscribe to the Election Officer Oath, which will be administered by the Chief Officer of Election before the polls open;
  • Paid for his/her services soon after Election Day.
If you are interested in becoming an Election Official or have any question please contact the Registrar’s office or apply online at the Virginia State Board of Elections web site.