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Voter Registration Drives

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Recent changes to the law require training and registration for some individuals and groups conducting voter registration drives. Specifically, groups and individuals that obtain 25 or more voter registration applications from SBE or a local registrar’s office must register with SBE or in person at the general registrar and take training (Va. Code § 24.2-416.6). Groups printing their own registration applications and engaging in registration drives are also strongly encouraged to register and receive this training.

Both the registration process and training can be completed online, in-person at your local voter registration office or at the State Board of Elections in Richmond. At least one agent of the organization seeking to obtain applications must complete the training and certify that that the organization will require training for all persons collecting completed voter registration applications from applicants on behalf of the organization. However, if any other individual requests more than 25 applications (even if they claim to represent a group which has already received the training), the individual is still required to complete the training prior to receiving the requested applications. In sum, each individual or agent requesting applications must receive the training. Other groups and individuals conducting voter registration drives that obtain their registration applications through other means are strongly encouraged, but not required, to receive training prior to conducting a drive.

Upon completion of the training, the group or individual will receive a certificate stating that they have completed the required training for conducting voter registration drives in the Commonwealth. The certification is valid until June 30th each year upon which time the training must be completed again in order to renew the certification. For more information on the training requirements please contact your local voter registration

Office at 757-787-2935 or 757-824-0525 or the State Board of Elections at 1-800-552-9745. The registration and training module can be accessed at .