Voting Equipment

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Accomack County has purchased new voting equipment that will be used for the first time in the November 3, 2015 General Election.

We will be using Unisyn Open Elect Voting Optical Scan equipment, called the "OVO" (the Optical Scanner) and the "OVI" (the ADA compliant piece).  These are a comprehensive and secure paper-based digital voting systems that both validate and tabulate ballots.  All of our 17 precincts and the Absentee precinct will use the "OVO" & "OVI" equipment.

Accomack County voters going to their precinct to vote, after being checked in, will be given a paper ballot, directed to a voting booth at which they will mark their ballot then take it to the OVO scanner. The voter will insert their ballot into the scaner which reads the ballot, records it then deposit the ballot into a locked ballot box below.   It is that scanner simple!

 For more information or questions please contact the Office of Voter Registration at 757-787-2935


Election Results can be viewed by going to the  site and clicking on Results and Reports.